Link Up!

Want me to link to your site? It's easy, I promise! :)

1. Grab my blog button. It's on the my right side-bar in the middle. To do this, copy the HTML-JavaScript code in the little box below the button.  Copy and paste this into a field on your blog that asks for an HTML-JavaScript code. If you're in Blogger, then you will need to add an HTML/JavaScript gadget to do this.

2. Email me at, and tell me that you have put my button on your blog, and that you want me to link to you.

3. I will link to you! If you have a blog button on your site, I will use that. If not, I will just use text. Your blog will be on my left sidebar.

Have a fabulous day, and enjoy my blog!

My Blog Button:

w<a href=''>

<a href=''>

<img src='' style='width:140px' border:none;' alt='the life of a mormon teen'/>
</a>style='width:140px' border:none;' alt='the life of a mormon teen'/>

If you would like to add this button to your blog or site, copy the code above that's in green, and delete the w that appears as the first character in the code.

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