Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The peace the temples brings...

One of my most favorite aspects of the gospel is the temple. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!! I would go there everyday if I could!!!! The book True to the Faith, a study help that the church publishes, defines temples as the following:
Temples are literally houses of the Lord. They are holy places of worship where individuals make sacred covenants with God. Because making covenants with God is such a solemn responsibility, individuals cannot enter the temple to receive their endowments or be sealed in marriage for eternity until they have fully prepared themselves and been members of the Church for at least a year. Throughout history, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples. The Church is working to build temples all over the world to make temple blessings more available for a greater number of Heavenly Father's children.
To me, the temple is a house of peace. When you enter, you leave all of your cares and worries behind, and you are immediately filled with a sense of peace and awe. You can automatically feel that it is a House of God, and you can feel it's sacredness. Everyone speaks in whispers, and the Holy Ghost is felt strongly. I love the temple because of the peace I receive. 
To most people, peace means the absence of war. But to me, and to most Latter Day Saints, peace represents the truly blissful, spiritually relaxing happiness that comes from the Holy Ghost. In a world that is full of turmoil and hardships, I love to embrace the fully happy, peaceful, confident feeling I receive in the temple.
Many things are done in the temple. But before you can enter, you must prepare yourself to be worthy. This includes: being a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, being honest, staying away from drugs and alcohol, being morally clean, and having a testimony of Christ, among others. I keep myself prepared by: reading my scriptures everyday, praying morning and night, keeping a prayer in my heart, being honest, being modest, watching and listening to media (such as music, tv, books, internet...) that is clean and reverent,  and taking the sacrament every week. 
The temple is a place to rest from the cares of the world, but we also do several things in the temple. When I go to the temple, I do baptisms for the dead. This is a sacred ordinance where a person is baptized for a person who did not get that opportunity while living on earth. Also, worthy adults can make sacred promises and covenants with the Lord, and learn more of Him.
This is a really great video that explains about LDS temples.
 Temples are beautiful. I love feeling the peace that I receive when I go there. I know that the Lord is pleased when I go to His house. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to go there. Soon a temple will be built in the city where I live, and I will be able to go even more often than I do now! I really can't wait until I am able to go through the whole temple and make those sacred promises my Heavenly Father. I know that Christ atoned for us, and that because of His ultimate sacrifice, we can have peace and eternal life.

To learn more about temples, click here. 

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