Thursday, April 12, 2012

And All His Creations of Which I'm a Part

Today in my biology class we were talking about the diversity of the creatures and species on the earth. My teacher told us that only 20-30% of all the types organisms that have ever existed on this earth are currently alive. Just think about that! There are more species in existence currently than scientists could even begin to discover. Now think of the other 70-80% of creatures that we've never even heard of because they're extinct! That's a lot of animals! And then there are tons of plants too! There is so much life and beauty on this earth! As my teacher kept talking, my mind marveled over the vastness of it all! And then I remembered that Heavenly Father made all of these beautiful things for our joy and happiness. He did it for us because we are worth so much to Him! God created these wonderful creatures,organisms, plants, natural phenomenons, rainbows, scenic valleys, majestic mountains, breathtaking jungles, and so much more because He loves us!
As I sat in class, the implications of all of Heavenly Father's masterpieces hit me. He has made worlds without end. If there is so much on our earth, there's that much more on each other world He has created. And we can inherit all of His wonderful gifts for us if we keep His commandments and keep our covenants.
The Spirit was with me so strongly as I pondered over all the works of the Lord's hands in my class. I almost started crying. I truly felt of God's love for me.
Here are some images for your viewing. If you so desire, you can ponder of God's wonderful, perfect, glorious goodness while you see pictures of some of the things His holy hands have made. (pictures courtesy of


  1. This is a beautiful post. It's amazing to realize just how much God really did create. He created more things than we can even imagine!

    And you are right - everything He has is ours if we keep His commandments.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. One of the many things I've learned while teaching Sunbeams the past three years is an increased gratitude for the things our Heavenly Father has blessed us with in this world. Many of the lessons the first few months are titled "I'm thankful for" Day/night; water; trees, plants, and flowers; fish; animals; birds and insects; ears; hands; eyes etc. I always ask at the end of the lesson why Jesus gave us these things. They very quickly catch on that it's because He loves us.

    I love you so much Whitney, and love that you seek out gospel applications in all things. Thank you for your post.

    1. It would be so much fun to teach the sunbeams! I bet you have a blast! It's so great that Heavenly Father's creations on the earth can thought-provoke a three year old on one level, and occupy the most intellectual minds as they study aspects of the earth and it's inhabitants at depth.

      I love you soooo much also! Thank you, and your welcome. :D <3


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