Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How the Holy Ghost Witnessed Truth

Today in seminary there was a little confusion about some of the doctrine about spirit prison and paradise, judgement, and the degrees of glory. I immediately felt the Spirit leave me when some of the information was incorrect. I raised the question and the class discussed it for a while. Finally, someone went upstairs and asked the bishop to come down and help (seminary is held in his basement).  He came to our class and cleanly cleared up the confusion. Then, he bore a powerful testimony to us of how we are such a chosen generation. He told us that prophets have stated that we, as in today's teenagers, are the most righteous and valiant of all to be chosen to come to earth at this time. It's truly a big deal!
As my wonderful bishop was teaching us, I felt the Spirit very strongly bearing witness to me of the truthfulness of his words. I even shed a few tears.
He also said something that really made me think- Our choices impact future generations. For good, or for bad. The image came to my mind of my posterity sitting in heaven, watching me and cheering me on, hoping I make as many good decisions as possible. They support me, even though I don't remember them and can't see them. As are my ancestors who have come before. It is so wonderful to know that on the other side of the veil, there are countless people rooting for me and supporting me.
Just some interesting things to think about. But I was just so appreciative that I have the gift of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost and that I could recognize his bearing witness of truth and untruth. That is such a blessing we have and shouldn't take advantage of!

I felt the Spirit very strongly bearing witness to me of the truthfulness of his words.

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