Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Simple Trick to Instant Happiness

Breaking news! I have unearthed an instant remedy to any sadness, bad mood, or fear! (I feel like an internet ad. Ya know the ones where they say, "Five tips to a flat belly" or "Get rich fast! Try this old trick!" haha) But really, it works. Every time. Here's what went down.

So, today I was in a bad mood. I was scared, upset, sad, etc. It was just one of those days when my thoughts kept spiraling down and I was emotionally raw. I wanted to make that go away. Then, I remembered something I read in this month's New Era. The article is called the Facebook Project (or something like that). Basically, this girl would pick out five people from her friends list on facebook and send them a message telling them what she liked about them and that they are awesome. I loved that idea! So, I gave it a try.

And guess what? It's pretty much instant happiness. I picked out some people on my chat bar and just told them what I thought about them. It was simple, but felt so good! I did this a few days ago, as well. Both days, the result was the same. Lots of these people messaged me back telling me that those words were just what they needed to hear, and that I had totally made their night. The cool thing is, though, it didn't only make those peoples' nights, but mine as well!

I'm going to keep doing this! It makes me feel so great! And I know it's a way I can be an instrument in the Lord's hands to let His children know that they are loved!

So, give it a try! You'll love what happens!

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  1. You are seriously so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! What a great way to reach out to people and help them feel loved and valued. I'm definitely going to have to try this.


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