Friday, January 17, 2014

Studying El Libro de Mormon

Something you may or may not know about me is that I have a small obsession with Spanish and Latino things. (Okay, not really. It's a big one!) I love learning the language, I love learning about the culture, the music, the food, ohhhh the food! I even enjoy telenovelas. (Those are kind of like soap operas. It's kind of hard to find appropriate ones... but I've found a few!) Anyway, the point is, I love Spanish. I have a goal to become fluent in the language by the time I graduate high school. So, a week-ish ago I was wondering what other things I could do to help me get better at the language besides the things I am already doing. So I tried to think about how I learned English, and then it hit me! Reading the Book of Mormon!

Therefore, this past Sunday, I pulled up the Spanish BOM on my phone, and I began reading right where I had left off the night before, but this time in Spanish. I would read half of a verse in Spanish, then read the same thing in English. Then I'd finish the verse in Spanish, and finish it in English. Some of the verses I could understand completely without referencing the English text, while others were more difficult. 

Studying my scriptures this way has been delighting me! I noticed a difference in my Spanish comprehension and expanse of vocab literally the next day! Not only has my Spanish been improving, but this has proven to be a very in-depth method of reading my scriptures. Because I spend so much time on each word and phrase, sometimes reading them three or four times, I really have time to ponder the meaning and imagine the goings-on in my head.

My testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon is growing with this new way I'm studying it. Not only do I feel the Spirit when I read it, and recognize it's truth, but I can see how God uses it to bless us in such a variety of ways. It is the truest book on earth. We become closer to God through the Book of Mormon than with any other book on earth. As such, the Lord is blessing me with increased knowledge of Spanish for using the Book of Mormon to study Spanish. It's hard to describe just how it works. It reminds me of how studying the Book of Mormon right before studying for school helps you study more effectively and remember the things you study. Heavenly Father loves to bless us! Especially with knowledge, because knowledge is light, and God loves light.

I just love the Book of Mormon! Y, me encanta El Libro de Mormon.


  1. Wow! This is so cool! I love it how you found a way that the Book of Mormon helps you even with not quite so spiritual things also. I hope I can look at Spanish like this too! Maybe I'll try it!

    Even if I don't, coming to God to help us in all endeavors will prove to be the best way to grow. ;)

  2. At one point, I had started reading Le Livre de Mormon en fran├žais, but I only made time for it during my 15 minute break at work. Fifteen minutes of constantly interrupted study is not a good way to study scriptures OR French.

    On a slightly different but still related note, I have this goal to finish the BOM (for a fourth time) before my baptism (in June). *super excited* what if I do it in French??? Because of the language, I'll be okay with it if I don't finish in time (it's much more important to learn something than it is to read quickly), but I shall still try :)

    Thank you for the wonderful idea!!!!

    <3 Marie-Rose


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