Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Joys of Journaling

Okay, so it's basically impossible for me to stop blogging. I really love it! So, I'm not going to stop!!!! Yayyyyyyyy for blogging!!!!! Okay! Whew! However, I may not post as often as I did. Maybe once a week during the school year, and once or twice a week in the summer.

I have a question for you. What is the point of keeping a journal?
Now, allow me to answer!

People keep personal or family journals for many reasons, such as the following:
  • To remember important events
  • To allow their posterity to learn about them
  • To learn from their past
  • To see how much they have grown
These are just a few reasons! So, as you can see, keeping a journal is super important, especially as teenagers! The teenage years are some of the hardest years we will ever pass through. It's good to remember the good times, learn from our mistakes and triumphs, and see how much we've grown.

I once read a story in the New Era about a girl whose mother had passed away when she was very young. For her whole life, this girl had yearned to know her mother. For her fifteenth birthday, among some other things, this girl received a box full of journals that were her mother's. These journals were written in by the mother when she was fifteen. Because this girl's mother had recorded parts of her life in journals, her daughter was able to become closer to her. This story really touched me, and made me realize the importance of journaling.

Within the past year, I have started keeping a journal. I started in the latter part of 2011. I am now realizing that the Lord was then preparing me for 2012. These past six months have by far been the hardest months of my life. Because I was already in the habit of journaling, I have been able to keep a journal full of the hardships, pain, sorrow, and also my blessings, joys, and triumphs over those things. It's been a blessing to see how much I've grown and how  much I've been able to overcome.

I can truly see the blessings of journals in my life. They are beautiful.


  1. My aunt gave me my first journal for Christmas when I was about 9 or 10. I started writing and I haven't stopped! (15 years and 3 1/2 journals later). I come from a long line of journal keepers, and I really do believe that it is an important part of our family history.

    1. I got a journal when I was six, but I didn't appreciate the beauty of journaling until a few years ago. Then, I would get some motivation to start writing, and I would write for a few weeks, and then forget. But, finally last year it stuck. I"m now on my fourth journal. :D

      I've also taken up reading my ancestors' journals. It's really fascinating!


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