Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to The Life of a Mormon Teen!

Well, I have some exciting news for everybody! I betcha' can't guess what it is! So, I'll tell you.

Today is The Life of a Mormon Teen's 
First Birthday!

Wooooooh! Yeah! It's so exciting for me to think that I have been blogging for exactly a year. And what a year it's been!

Here's what has happened to this blog in the past year:

  • The Life of a Mormon Teen began. (Even though that's a bit self-explanatory, it still humors me to include this event.)
  • I decided to use it as my ten-hour project for Good Works.
  • I learned how to blog.
  • My writing has gotten better.
  • Melanie, from SugarDoodle.net, included my blog on her site.
  • I interviewed Jenny Phillips, a prominent LDS singer/songwriter, on my blog.
  • I have guest posted on some blogs, including My Soul Delighteth.
  • A few of my stories have been published in a book!
  • And of course, there was the time, not-so-long-ago, when I thought I was going to quit blogging, but thankfully I decided against it.
  • And through it all, I have met many amazing people who have brightened my life! 
  • I've even had some missionary opportunities come from my blog!
To me, it's really amazing the influence I can have. I didn't really realize how much of a difference I can make in the world until this blog. It brings me such joy to be able to brighten people's day, let them know they're not alone in this world, and help them come towards Christ.

Here are some stats:

  • The Life of a Mormon Teen has been viewed 19,006 times in this year. 
  • On average, about a hundred people read it everyday.
  • The most-read post of The Life of a Mormon Teen is Spring Time: A Time for Rejuvenation and Renewal.
  • The website which brings the most people to my blog is SugarDoodle.net .
  • After the United States, people from Canada read my blog the most.
  • Then comes Russia, the UK, Australia, Germany, and Lithuania.
  • People from countries I'd never heard of even read my blog!
  • 67% of people who read my blog use Windows. 
I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have this blog. It has blessed my life in so many ways. It's really incredible to be able to talk to you guys when you email me. I'm so grateful that the Lord has let me serve you in this capacity!

Year two of The Life of a Mormon Teen is going to be even better than year one, if you can believe that! I am excited for the growth which will occur for my blog, but also for me. It's so great to be able to post things for you. You are the reason I blog. I really hope you enjoy my blog!


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