Thursday, August 1, 2013

School: More Awesome than You Realize...

My heart is so full right now! So very full of joy! I began school yesterday, and it's going marvelously. I love all the people. They make me so so so happy! And I'm really excited about my classes!
I have something very important to tell you all.
Learn to love school. Just do it*. We are celestial, glorious beings of light. Light is derived from intelligence. Pretty much the whole reason we're on earth is to learn! (Along with obtaining a body, being sealed to our family for time and eternity, etc...) What better opportunity to learn do we have than school? That's the reason we're there! And if you stop and think about it, it's SUCH a blessing that we can go to school! For most of us, it's free, public education.
In my patriarchal blessing it tells me to cherish my education, and that as long as I seize the educational and learning opportunities which come my way, that the knowledge I obtain will bring me joy, and that I'll be able to bless the lives of others with it. How cool is that? Not only does this apply to me, but to each person on earth. It most definitely applies to you.
The cool thing is that I have found this to be very true! I just love knowing things! Even if my knowledge isn't very deep, it's so great to understand why parts of the world work the way they do. For instance, whenever I wash my hands, I think of how the soap molecules bond to the water and dirt molecules, which is how it cleans my hands. I just find it amazing to know this, and how that science applies to me!
Also, school is an incredible way to develop yourself. I could write a book on how I grew as a person through school and the opportunities it brought just last year alone. In the two days I've been in school this year, I have already seen myself beginning to progress as I've had to adjust to new situations. I find it very fascinating. It makes me soooo happy to think about where I am now, and where I'll be at the end of this school year: socially, academically, musically, spiritually, personally, etc. It's all affected!
In addition, I want to stress the importance and awesomeness of goal-setting. Some people groan when that is mentioned. Goal-setting doesn't have to be difficult, boring, drawn-out, or confusing. Goal-setting can be simple. I half-subconsciously set a goal yesterday! Isn't that cool? In my math class I passively decided that I wanted to be more outgoing- ask more questions, and participate more. (Generally, since math is my worst subject, I was afraid of participating too much because I didn't want to look stupid. But I realized that by going out on a limb, I'll grow.)  When I realized the goal that my subconscious mind made, I solidified the goal. I made it reachable. I decided that I'd either ask a question, or answer a question at least once every day. It's simple. It's doable. And it will help me become a greater person.
Seriously, guys. Have fun in school! It's not worth as much if you don't strive to enjoy it! Your possibilities are truly endless. For real.

 * By the way, at youth conference, there was a guy who had a sweatshirt that said, "Just go and do it." with an angel Moroni in the act of running. It was so cool!


  1. THIS IS AWESOME! :) Way to be!!! :D
    PS. I LOVE learning, too! :)

  2. Nice job, such great writing! And, a good message too!

  3. Thank you both! I really appreciate your comments!


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