Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Driving Blessings

I am currently learning to drive. While this is something most teenagers enjoy, it terrifies me. Especially when I have certain drivers ed instructors. But we won't go into that. This process of learning to drive has been so scary. Every time I get on the road I'm super nervous and uptight, which doesn't help my driving at all. So naturally I prayed about it. But then, a few weeks ago, I had a really terrible experience driving with my instructor. I left the lesson crying. It was lame. So the night before my next drive, I asked my dad for a priesthood blessing. I really needed comfort and extra assurance. I recieved a beautiful blessing of comfort and peace. I truly felt God's love for me and my testimony of priesthood blessings grew a hundredfold. I was promised that my mind would be clear so that I would be able to learn to drive well, among other things. The next day my drive went wonderfully. I had a different instructor who was very good at teaching me in a way that was gentle and clear to understand. I truly felt the Lord's love for me while I was driving. It was such a blessing.

Then yesterday I had another drive. I had another completely different instructor. To make a long story short, the drive was almost as terrible and nerve wracking  as the one I mentioned first. But I could still feel the hand of the Lord calming me and guiding me. Even though I was still uptight and nervous, I wasn't terrified. And there were several points of time in that hour when I felt Heavenly Father directly speaking words of comfort to my mind. It was incredible. I feel so loved and blessed. 

Sometimes, I feel like God has way more blessings set aside for us than we actually recieve because some of them are dependent upon us asking for them, and sometimes we forget to do that. As I Iearned, Heavenly Father was more than willing and happy to bless me with comfort, the assurance assurance of safety and feeling His love for me, but I had to exercise the faith to ask for a priesthood blessing. I'm so grateful for our gracious, loving Father. I love the blessings He grants me and I love all that He is teaching me. 


  1. Oh my, learning to drive... I remember being terrified of driving, but I never really had a problem with the instructors - it was practicing with my dad that made me nervous.

    In driver's ed, and in the lessons, they tend to teach what I describe as an "idealistic approach," as if everyone follows the rules all the time and following the rules is always the safest option available to you. My dad drives realistically, and that approach was apparent in how he coached me as we were practicing driving. It was hard for me to find a balance between the two, especially when my driver's ed class was really heavy on the scare tactics to keep students from drinking/texting while driving.

    Anywho, I totally get it that driving is scary- but practice will make it easier (maybe even fun!) :) and I'm glad you were able to ask for and receive a blessing! That would definitely make everything less stressful :)

    <3 Marie-Rose

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I often forget that blessings can be for comfort, too and aren't just for when we're sick. I really admire your faith! Driving was a hugs learning curve for me as well, but don't worry. I promise it gets better. :)



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