Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girls Camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Girls Camp last week!!!!  It was a blast. I went for the first time!!!  I met tons of new people, and became friends with virtually every young woman in my stake!!!  It was so great!!  I had two favorite parts.My first fav was our photo shoot.  Yes.  You are now probably wondering how we could  possibly had a photo shoot at Girls Camp.  I'll tell you.  :)  We all showered.  And we wore our regular clothes.  Our YW president had sewn two beautiful dresses that were all white.  They were open in the back and tied, so that they could fit any girl.  Then, we wore a real silver tiara and a Young Women's Medallion.  The dress was long, the sleeves went to the arms, and the neckline was high to cover our t shorts.  then we sat on a stool in front of  a green screen.  A sister from the stake came and took our pictures.  She is going to replace the green screen with a picture of the temple.  I'm so excited to receive my picture.  I had taken my journal to the photo shoot thinking that i would catch up on journal writing, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from each beautiful daughter of God.  Everybody looked so beautiful and pure.  And everyone had the light of Christ in their eyes.  All the people in the room whispered, and the spirit was so strong.  I'm so grateful for this experience!
My other fav part of girls camp was the testimony at the end.  I felt the spirit very strongly there as well.  Most every girl went up and shared their testimonies of Christ, the atonement, girls camp, temples, their own divinity, or something else that really mattered to them.  When I bore my testimony, I could barely speak through that sobs that were wracking my body.  That was how much I felt the spirit and Christ's love for me.  And, i also was able to feel such a deep love for my friends that night.  It was so apparent and so overwhelming.  It's hard to imagine taking that strong love and multiplying it endlessly.  That is how much my Heavenly Father loves me.  And you.
I'm so grateful for my leaders and the girls and to my Heavenly Father who made it all possible.

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