Sunday, December 11, 2011

Truly, the Best gift in all the world, to all the world

At Christmas time every year, it gets more commercialized.  And every year people talk about making sure that Christ is the center of Christmas. But do we really take that to heart when we hear the admonition? Especially as teens, it may be hard to focus on Christ this Christmas, when there are so many things on your Christmas list, so many parties, and all the stress of making sure everyone has the right gift.
But there truly is more to Christmas than the presents, food, and parties.
This month, I invite you to truly ponder the meaning of the Savior in your life. And as you do this, remember what a truly magnificent gift it is that the Savior atoned for your sins. He loves you, and and suffered every single pain, affliction, sorrow, embarrassment, and agony just for you. And we can worship Him during this season by honoring his birth.
 Here is a beautiful video that the church made.  They are making a series of online video clips with stories from the Bible.

If you would like to see more videos like this, click here.

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