Friday, January 20, 2012

A Good Friend, and a Timely Answered Prayer

Well, a couple days ago I was really struggling. Usually I am very confident in myself, but some boys had done some mean things to me and I was starting to doubt if anyone loved me.  I tried rationalizing that nobody loved me; maybe friends were just pretending, or they just didn't really care. I wondered if I was a burden.  I just felt kind of pointless. And, I was scared for the future. In school, we had been talking about careers and classes and college. I was scared. I was afraid that I didn't have what it would take to stay standing in the hurricane that I knew the future would be. I just felt so alone.  Mostly, I wondered if I was conducting myself in a way that made people want to love me.
So, late at night, I decided to pray. At first I thought "Well, you should know that you are loved. Look what Heavenly Father has done for you." But I just felt so alone. I was afraid that I would get an answer to my prayer, but I wouldn't know how to receive it or interpret it.
Then, I remembered that somewhere- whether in church, the scriptures, or a general conference talk- I had read that we must have faith.  Once we displayed faith the Lord would bless us. So, I decided to just try.  I prayed that Heavenly Father would help me feel like I was loved.
After praying, I was planning on reading my scriptures to help me feel better. But my hand just started reaching for my iPod to check facebook. I just felt like I needed check facebook. So I did. And I found that one of my best friends in the whole entire world had posted on my facebook wall. It said:

Dear Whitney,
I love you a lot and have been thinking about you lately!! YOU are the BESTEST FRIEND anyone could have!! YOu are amazing and fantastic! I want you to know that everyone loves you a lot, i mean who couldn't love you? I hope you are having a great day! I LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!
(Name has been removed for security reasons)

As i read this, I started bawling. These were exactly the words I needed to hear. I literally needed these words.  Word for word.
I just have to marvel at how the Lord answers our prayers. Later, I was talking to the friend who sent me that message, and she said that she just had a feeling that she should leave me a message on facebook. We realized that it was the Holy Ghost. The Lord knew what I would need and when I would need it. And because I have chosen amazing friends who are in tune with the Spirit, I have been blessed that they can help me when I need it most.

I'm so grateful for my Heavenly Father who loves me and listens to my prayers. I'm grateful for all of my friends, but especially the lovely friend that helped me the other day, and who I know with a surety loves me. I'm so grateful for that.


  1. Ooh,I love this post! You are a wonderful writer and you've expressed such a sweet experience that is unique to you, but also common to mankind.

    Everyone feels this way sometimes and sometimes everyone feels this way a lot. But you have described the way to know if we are loved or not! And of course the answer is that we are!

    I'm going to link to you and put your button on my blog! Thanks, lady!

  2. Oh,and I have a new button. Come check it out! :) (and thanks for linking to me too!)

  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! I love how you described my experience!I told my friend (the one to whom I referred in the post) and she told me that it made her cry because it made her so happy! She and I were really close before, but now we're even closer!

    Thank you so much!

    I'll get your button!


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