Thursday, June 13, 2013

Content Once More

I have this awesome friend who has gone through some really difficult things in her life. She is a lovely person, who I love dearly. Lately, though, she has been very distant and unhappy. Though I've tried, I haven't been able to reach her and cheer her up. She wouldn't talk to me, or anybody about what was wrong, and I was really worried about her. Yesterday, however, she received her patriarchal blessing (are you sensing a theme in my posts of late? :D ). Right after which, she came to mutual. She arrived late because of that.  When she walked in, there was an almost-visible halo of happiness and light around her. She looked so beautiful and joyous. It was such an amazing thing to see her so happy after the many worrisome months of her distance and sadness. I feel so much peace now, after being so concerned about her- it's a beautiful thing!
I'm just so grateful for our loving Heavenly Father who loves my friend even more than I do! Even though she and I are very different, I love her very much and I'm so glad that she is content once more.

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