Saturday, June 8, 2013

Strength from my Patriachal Blessing

Recently I have been struggling with some health difficulties and other struggles. In the past when trials of this propensity arrived at my door they engulfed me. I was totally taken over in despair and helplessness. I did learn and grow from them, and I used them to grow closer to my Heavenly Father, but it was a long, straining journey. This time, I have a new weapon in my belt- my patriarchal blessing. I cannot describe in words the immense comfort I have received and continue to receive from that beautiful blessing. It has given me the strength and knowledge to help me be patient through my time of affliction. Instead of being debilitated by fear and anxiety, I am able to be calm and happy, because I know that when I keep the commandments attached to the blessings I'm looking forward to in my blessing, all will be well.
It is amazing to me that the answers to the two big tribulations in my life right now are in my blessing, along with the blessings that can be mine when I do the things I'm asked to do. It's just so beautiful how it all works. Heavenly Father is so marvelous! He is perfect, and His plan is, too. Everything is really so spectacular, if you think about it!

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